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      Client Testimonies

"We can't thank you enough for capturing our special day. I love all the special candid moments you caught! We've loved reliving the fun times throughout the day. You are so talented! Thank you for all you do." - Regina and Adam

"Thank you for always being so kind and genuine. The pictures you captured with us and Gianna are priceless!" - Jessica


"We absolutely love the photos you gifted us! This is such a strange and beautiful and trying time, but you captured us just as we are- sitting on out big, old, floral couch or playing on the floor with the boys, nursing a baby or feeding a hungry kid, cuddling someone who is crying or watching a "dance party" performance. This is where we've very much existed in 2020 and I'm forever grateful to have photos to remind us of this time together as a new family of five." - Kaitlyn



"We are so in love with our maternity photos! The way you captured the love between Adam and I, and enormous love towards our little monkey was so precious. We will treasure these photos forever!Thank you so much!"- Regina

"Huge thank you to the very talented photographer Gina Hodson for capturing these precious moments that we will treasure forever!"- Kaymleh

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